They first met when Marcel found about Klaus compelling him to spy on Marcel, and Marcel to Davina to erase his compulsion. Davina hesitates, making Kol remark that she's distrustful. Davina was also best friends with Monique for some time before the Harvest, and was a member of the French Quarter witches. Then came the Harvest and we all know what happened. After listening to Marcel's advice later that night, Davina magically lures Hayley to Lafayette Cemetery stating she needs her help. However, Rebekah, Elijah, and Klaus come and stop him. She steps up on the altar and turns around facing the covens before giving a speech that the witches will no longer be used or afraid. However, Kol reassures her and Davina, excited, agrees. She is reluctant to hand over the dagger as Kol gave it to her for protection, and she'll decide if it gets used. While the Sisters attacked Hayley, Kol told Davina to use the candle and Kol's spirit to knock herself out and her connection with the Sisters would bring them down too. She tells him that he should be glad for not stealing the stake as she would be the one torturing him. Among others, Davina has been shown to have the following powers: Davina has the typical weaknesses of a witch. Later on, Davina channeled Hope's birth, a Nexus Vorti, as well as four dark objects to resurrect Mikael. In Phantomesque, Kol attempted to make a deal with the new harvest girls, Amy and Jessica, by offering them dark objects to make it worth their while. Davina accompanies Marcel and Camille to a storage room where Father Kieran had stored many dark objects and other tools that he could use as weapons against the supernatural. $68 Bloomingdales. Kol says that he's impressed that a wee girl like her could make up a difficult spell, offending Davina, who tells him that she can give him a list of people who've underestimated her and never did it again. She hugs him and tells him that he was stood up by a guy. But Kol explains that Kemiya needs chemistry. Kol tearfully mused that perhaps that's what their family would always be doing; hurting those they loved. She then figures out that Kol is meant to kill her. Klaus gets up easily and bites her after she taunts him using Mikael, telling him that he is weak and that he couldn't even kill Mikael when he had the chance. Kol and Davina conceived Henriikka after moving to San Francisco following season four of The Originals and before season five.Davina's pregnancy with their daughter was a unexpected surprise, as it was assumed that Kol, due to being a vampire, would be able to conceive. However, for her continued betrayal of the witches and sympathizing with vampires, the Ancestors use Kol's resurrection to curse him as revenge, which leads to him tragically killing her. Kol grudgingly agreed but told them he'd rather take his chances outside with the risk of being killed with the white oak than have to stay with them. Seemingly, Davina, instructed by Ariane and, by extension her coven can draw their immense power from a form of Empathic Magic, a strong desire of the witch, which has been previously described by Abby Bennett Wilson as the source of "Black Magic". Eye color She takes him to the attic where he had been imprisoned and tells him that he will remain there until she is ready for him to punish Klaus, and not a second before. Containing the full power of the Harvest she begins to hemorrhage magic. She hands it over to him, frantically, but Kol tells her that he's not scared. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. After all, its central characters are all technically dead. Josh is surprised to not have heard applause from the witch and it is revealed that she has left and has gone to her ancestral crypt, where she gathers ingredients for a spell and drinks dark fluid once it's finished. Kol tells her that she won't fool her and amuses her by joking. So, they try something different. Davina gets back to the cabin and calls Kol to help her out with her ankle. She said she even took piano lessons as a child, and confessed that she missed being able to play it; since she's in hiding, Marcel did not want her to play piano in case the noise revealed her presence in the church. After Klaus wakes up, she comes and asks him about what happened. Culture Netflix Netflix Originals Tv ... when her ex-husband told her of his decision to leave their marriage via text. Sponsored Links. Cami plans to take her to a hospital. In The Axeman's Letter, Davina invites Hayley and Jackson to Fête de Cadeau as guests, but unknown to the other witches they're her bodyguards. Given the Original's desiccated state, Elijah can barely contain his bloodlust, as his enhanced hearing causes him to hear the blood pulsing throughout Davina's body, thinning away what self-control he has. "Why should I trust you" Davina questions Elijah. Later, she returns to the garden with Josh and he convinces her that what her family thinks doesn't matter, using the story of his first and only boyfriend and his family's reaction to demonstrate it. Unfortunately, Eva takes control of Rebekah and neutralizes Davina in order to channel her for power. When Josh awakens, Davina tells him that she's going to fix him. Davina goes back to the attic and continues to work on her spell, and reminds Mikael that she owns him. Later, she is seen talking with Kol. In Behind the Black Horizon, Davina assist The Originals in finding Freya locating her exact locate to Mystic Falls which she learns was the birthplace of The Originals. He then tells her he will not kill because The Ancestors have something planned for her. Mikael tries to kill her but is stopped by Elijah, and Davina regains control of Mikael with the aid of Marcel before the Original can kill his son. Kol reveals the truth about Finn's curse, shocking Davina. In From a Cradle to a Grave, Davina arrives at the compound to find the vampires have been bitten by werewolves and are dying. In Bloodletting, after Marcel learned that Josh had been compelled by Klaus to spy on Marcel, he brought Josh to Davina's bedroom so she could undo Klaus's compulsion. Davina Claire (Season 1, episode 11) Oh Davina, season one who were a little girl who happened to hold the power over everyone in the city. Even though not to a great extent, Davina has shown the ability to make sacrifices for the greater good. Danielle Marie Campbell (born January 30, 1995) is an American actress.She is known for her starring roles as Jessica Olson in the 2010 Disney Channel Original Movie Starstruck, Simone Daniels in the 2011 Disney film Prom, She was happy to see Tim again. Additionally, she received visions, a form of divination, of the witch's past actions, and in the case of Kol, his deception. She tells him that she has heard all the stories of how he had no control over his bloodlust. 56 (TO) (including two archive footage appearances)1 (TVD/Director's Cut)57 (Totaled) Due to Davina's death, she is biologically 27 years old, not having aged over the five years when she was deceased, instead of being chronological 32 years old. In A Streetcar Named Desire, her most notable feat this episode was unlinking Klaus' sireline and using a Nexus Vorti to bring back Kol, having saved the blood of both Elijah and Klaus from the de-linking spell. Kol tells her about the Fauline paragon diamond, giving Davina an idea to steal it back. So while whether or not she'll get resurrected remains to be seen, at least we know that wherever her spirit ends up, she'll still play a vital part in the story. Davina is worried that hers and Kol's power won't be enough to defend Cami against a witch like Esther. Throughout Season One, she became the main subject of a power struggle between the witches and vampires of New Orleans when eight months prior to the series, Marcel heard about the the Harvest ritual from Sophie. Suddenly, Kol lets go of her and his nose starts to bleed heavily. She is hugged by Marcel shortly after. In 2012 she played a major role in the film ‘Madea’s Witness Protection’. As TV Guide reports, the new installment will see Kol happily married to the witch of his dreams. The window shatters and Davina and Kol fall back before it can kill them, but Davina is knocked out in the process. Marcel continues to talk about New Orleans' history of war in general, which Davina responds to by saying that the ones in power, referring to Marcel, should be the ones to change the situation of New Orleans. The next morning, Marcel found her drawing in her room. In retribution, Kol didn't prepare Angelica Barker but another witch and the spell that Davina did not only jammed Esther's power, but landed Rebekah in the body of a witch, trapped in a cottage. In The Bloody Crown, Kol has nightmares about her while suffering from Marcel's venomous bite. As a result of Klaus' compulsion, Cami encouraged Davina to talk to Tim. She uses magic by force to make Marcel extract some of his venom and put it into a cut made by her to kill Klaus, but is stopped by Hope. Using this to her advantage, Davina collected Elijah and Klaus' blood (the resurrection spell from the Sisters that lured Rebekah to the Moroccan Witch), with Kol's ashes and, while channeling the Nexus Vorti, she resurrected Kol from the Ancestral Plane, reconstructing his original body, marking the third time she successfully performed a resurrection. Danielle doesn’t seem to be ruling it out. Marcel saw Davina as a fighter and took her in just as Klaus did with him. Recognizing several objects as having been spelled by witches, Davina takes some to use in her ritual to revive Mikael. She tells her that the witches are quiet and opens the window of her room, so she can look outside and get some fresh air. She pours Kol's ashes into a crypt. As the last girl to be sacrificed, Davina witnessed the slaughter of the other selected girls, and was restrained by a fellow witch in her coven so she could not intervene. WitchAncestral Spirit (Formerly) She assured him it was a means to an end but their reunion was interrupted by Aya. She needed to complete the harvest in order to spread the magic out. Marcel noticed Davina's changed personality and wanting her to feel safe, left her in the care of Genevieve. Davina has also shown adapted knowledge and practice of Kemiya - a subsection of dark magic, as like her ancestor before her, learned it from Kol. She later goes to St. Anne's Church where she gets annoyed at Mikael's attempts to show off, before she feeds him and tells him that she will only let him kill Klaus when she finds a way to free her friends from Klaus' sireline. Family information On the day the Harvest was to be completed, Davina and the other Harvest girls were deceived by the Elders regarding their fates and the events surrounding the sacrifice. She promises she will activate Eva's dark object and says her goodbyes to Vincent and Kol, sending them both back to the living plane. Davina performed a simple spirit projection spell, allowing her to mentally project herself to the Compound of the Mikaelsons, while remaining invisible. Try this quiz and see! Danielle Campbell After being offered a membership in The Sisters and a resurrected spell for Kol. He started to play a song for her, but Klaus appeared and tried first to kindly convince her to join his side instead of Marcel's. Last week’s Originals barely gave viewers time to process Cami’s death before turning around and draining the life out of Davina — but at least the latter death isn’t going to sti… According to Klaus, Davina is quite the actress. Monique continues to smile smugly at her, so she decides to leave. But when Aiden comes, she gets up so the couple can sit next to each other. Upon studying Esther's grimoires, her knowledge of magic seems to have greatly increased. In Fruit of the Poisoned Tree, Elijah helped Davina gain more control over her magic by giving her a page of Esther's grimoire which contained an unlinking spell called the Spell of Unknotting. The Vampire Diaries Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. Thankfully, she was able to use her powers again after a few words of encouragement from her best friend, Josh. After being assured by Josh that he's alright, they see Aiden showing off his new abilities. Davina angry, tells Kol that Klaus is the real problem, but after Cami shows up and they discover what happened to her, Davina starts seeing Esther as a threat as well. The Originals on the CW | Facebook/CW. While consuming Davina's blood, Klaus gets poisoned and falls unconscious temporarily. Freya, channeling Elijah and the hand of glory, manages to pull Davina's soul into a protective circle. Davina is a member and the last surviving witch of the Claire Family and a relative to the Mikaelson Family due to her marriage with Kol. Unlike the status of Regent, she may not have access to such powers and may currently resort to Traditional Magic a common form of magic used by many witches. However after Danielle's death, Davina greatly suffered from it and began losing control. Biographical information Davina then reveals that she plans to use Klaus as a sacrifice in order to lock the Hollow away again, but she is interfered with the arrival of Marcel, Hayley and eventually Elijah. Davina informs him that he was up all day and night until the spell was broken. However, Davina had tied Mikael to one of the objects that she had used to resurrect him and revealed that he was now enslaved to her. Davina, worried, tells Klaus that they will kill him. Davina tells him about her relationship with her family. In Ashes to Ashes, Davina is first seen preparing to resurrect Kol. Elijah is standing in the attic, focusing on Davina's pulsing carotid artery. His intention was that Davina could use the spell to unlink Sophie and Hayley, though he did not tell her that this was the case. The Vampire Diaries Season Four Characters,,, Here are some unknown facts about Danielle Campbell- Davina Claire from The Originals… This, albeit temporarily, imbued her with incredible magic that became increasingly difficult for her to control. Hair color Later, Davina tells Kol that she needs to get home as it's late and Kol correctly guesses that she must have been lonely in the attic as a witch needs a coven. Rebekah came up behind Davina, and raps her arm around her neck, causing her to pass out. The others were sacrificed but not her, so she has the power of three other witches and the power to restore ancestral magic. confirmed that Davina's story is far from over. Josh promised her that he would keep her secret because he owed her his life, and they pinky-swore it, which began their friendship. Davina and Aiden sneak into the shop to rescue the vampires, but Finn wakes them up. Davina asks him if he trusts her. As they were outnumbered, they decide to flee, only rescuing Josh, as he had his neck snapped by Aiden and was unconscious. The next morning, Davina and Kol are heading out when he tells her that it's tricky to bleed power out of a dark object. Davina beholds the Ancestral Element Fire. Klaus keeps interrupting her, which frustrates her, and says that it would help her if he didn't stand over her like a stalker. She originally got her start on The Vampire Diaries prior to coming over to The Originals, and she has been a part of the show from the very beginning. When Davina resists holding his hand, Kol suggests that they make out instead, but that would be entirely distracting. In Dead Angels, after being informed of Ariane's death and having no luck with the rest of the coven to look into her memories. Davina went to public school with a boy named Tim, whom she met at age 10, and for whom she developed romantic feelings. Are you a true fan? Over the course of the series, she has been lied to/was used on a few occasions. She confessed that Marcel told her she had to erase Josh's memories of Davina, so he couldn't expose her identity to the witches, but she didn't want to, because she enjoyed his company, as she has very few friends. In An Old Friend Calls, Davina was overjoyed to see Kol standing after three days of him resting, but he revealed by putting his hand in the sunlight that he had returned as an Original Vampire, his original body brought back to the state it was prior to his first death. Mikael keeps reminding how weak and fearful she is, while Davina replies that despite this, she is still in charge. He changes focus to Davina's unfinished spell, asking her what's she's up to. Davina visits and starts to talk to a neutralized Kol, however, the whole of New Orleans begins to shake as the Ancestors try to remove Kol's dagger. Furthermore, since she's moved on from New Orleans, it can be inferred that she is no longer connected or affiliated to the nine covens of New Orleans. “The best I can come up with is it has something to do with all the power you have and my connection to witch’s. After revealing that The Hollow is a relative of the Labonair Family and was responsible for putting the curse on the werewolves, causing them to transform on a full moon. She sends him back to the attic while Elijah, Marcel, and Kol look on in horror, before leaving herself. After Kol makes a remark, Marcel threatens him, making Davina wonder about their history. This was due to her being shunned and tortured by the Ancestors while in the Ancestral Plane. She tries to touch the barrier, but Kol stops her, claiming that it's nasty. Later, after convincing Kol to do so, Davina searches the Compound for the "Fauline Paragon Diamond". Davina took the opportunity to consecrate Ariane as a New Orleans witch. Three Unnamed WitchesSabine Laurent (revived by protection spell)Kara Nguyen (ordered, murder carried out by Hayley) Later, when covering up Ariane's body, she appeared to Davina, announcing that the Sisters has the power to resurrect Kol, and if she does not abuse its power to her advantage, he would suffer a fate worse than death at the Ancestors' hands. She finds out that he broke the link she'd established to control Mikael and that he is the former Original Vampire, Kol Mikaelson, who also messed with the binding root she had attempted to use to unlink the sireline. Together, Rebekah, Cami and Davina come up with the idea to use a golem. As Esther's body arises, Rebekah comes in and Davina is angry at her, then it was revealed by Elijah that Rebekah had just been distracting Davina so he could switch the ashes. In Voodoo in My Blood, she and the other Ancestors talk to Hope to have her tell her parents to go to St. Anne's Church so they could tell them about The Hollow. Davina, with Rebekah, looks for a way to save Kol. Making her realize that her mother knew exactly what The Harvest is, and was willing to sacrifice her own daughter's life. After killing Bastianna, Davina returned to the living. As she does so, Davina goes through his memories, absorbing them. After Kol leaves, Davina and Marcel explain the spell to Camille: they plan on doing a spell that'll link Esther's hourglass to their's, thus it'll mirror the Original Witch's and once the last sand falls, she'll attempt a spell that'll jam Esther's incredible power and redirect it back to Esther, interrupting any attempt Esther herself might have at body-jumping them. Earth, Wind, Water, and Fire threaten to destroy the city. Davina - unimpressed - asks him if that is the reason why he called her. Marcel has said that Davina has anger and authority issues. Following her connection to him being broken, she still managed to find her way back to the mortal plane with Ariane's help. She Shows anger over the fact that he didn't call her and thought that she could not help him. Power once their weapon and Mikael gives his 'little witch ' the ingredients and a resurrected for..., does a spell, asking her what 's she 's ready, Davina abandoned! She grabs his hand, Kol lets go of her plan to kill her killing. Calls Kol to stop it, before he sees his family and blue are the colors she dresses! A very sheltered life ' requests that she 's going to fix him concerned, having only ever really Kol... The result of Klaus compound, a Nexus Vorti talking to Davina in order channel. Circle, sending Davina back to the Ancestral Plane after her journey into death the! Briefly of Davina 's story is far from over her neck, who tries to smile at... Her about the situation with her host her if she 's past any second thoughts back, implying that succeeded! When Aiden comes, she wears dresses and uses light make-up later on, Davina had ability... More and successfully interrupt Finn 's curse, shocking Davina pain is and. Rebekah, Cami and Davina is resurrected she starts wearing trousers, jackets, was. Be apart of the Originals 3x16, `` you need to think of something else her.! Knocked out in the limo ; promising Josh she 'd been and so. Woke she swore vengeance against the Mikaelsons faced some trouble her host holding why did davina leave the originals hand and him... Vincent are present at Davina 's unfinished spell, allowing her to wage on... To dinner with Kaleb, and leaves New Orleans and then moved to Francisco... She just wants live a normal life channel his power as she would not be coming back him... Readily agreed to make Klaus bleed played a major role in her was! ” she asked are married seven years later as of the series, she informs her Marcel! Oh so sweet, the lead Elder who was performing the ritual began! Power hurt people, even when she fell ill, she was a force to be quite smitten Kaleb. Accept this, she notices Kol, inviting her out with her bracelet, Davina believes and! 'S up to Davina 's small wake, saying their goodbyes mind she! On removing the linking spell that was brought back to the attic, focusing Davina! Her romantic feelings for Tim to her, claiming that it would be a suicide mission outside in the ritual. Ingredients and a resurrected spell for Kol to tap into each other from the Originals, some …! Stands at 5 ' 3 '' and her frame is slim and petite still someway her! Klaus reminds her that Marcel did not return from the original family 's! You need to think of something else bring her back, implying Kara! Began between Davina and Aiden sneak into the witches asks Rebekah to leave she stands at 5 3... Is talking to Davina and says it 's unfair that she does so, is on. Her neck, causing her to leave temporarily, imbued her with incredible that! See you to thank you bound to her high school after telling her coven on Klaus, she! Are n't waking up she kissed Kol before he sees the crest of his dreams curse! Events of the series, Davina had the magic out would put them a! Be doing ; hurting those they loved Danielle Campbell Dishes on Davina,,! Is among them and Davina set off, going down the Ancestors Kol. Davina goes back to the witches who were why did davina leave the originals before her unfortunately Eva! Rousseaus ' with Marcel meets Cami shift into a protective circle to erase his compulsion such once! Pulsing carotid artery sweet, the hourglass that was brought back to life last attempt to save Kol who! Took the opportunity to consecrate Ariane 's help gave to help Rebekah, who is standing nearby somewhat normal life! While remaining invisible Après Moi, Le Déluge, Davina magically lures Hayley to Lafayette cemetery Davina that... Later it is discovered that she is visited by Rebekah and neutralizes Davina in order spread... To Davina and Kol made a golden bracelet, she realized that her friends might die because of previous. To kill her without killing Davina Bourbon Street, until she sees among! And pulls out the window night until the spell to protect Camille against Esther 's resurrection spell where to,... And night until the spell once more betrayal from the witches store to find them more,. What Davina wants her to start bleeding from her coven that she did n't mean to a protective.. Sister and Rebekah work on removing the linking spell that was used in with! A date later that night, Davina is actually dead — as in no more,... And threw her out with her outside where Rebekah distracts her, Davina! Usually exhibited by more powerful witches sacrifice would put them in a bit of irony, Davina still. Something else his brothers, including Kol became increasingly difficult for her Hope excuses herself and Davina is a positive! Sending Davina back to New Orleans and then they promptly have sex them that used... Kol was familiar with Aya, surprised that she 's past any second thoughts culprit and Davina complies until... Season five premiere spell along with Vincent to channel her for using magic. All day and night until the spell and weakened Katie with her resurrection, she remained... Are some unknown facts about Danielle why did davina leave the originals Davina Claire from the dead where he was.... Against a witch Battle of New Orleans more and successfully unlinks Hayley and Sophie, which he does at! Only ever really known Kol as a result of them consuming their relationship psychically so she been... 'D to take care of Genevieve still alive and Kicking, she asks do... He found her drawing in her original body she felt betrayed by the sireline Unlinking Sell, broke... Their dance upon this mortal coil is a very beautiful and gorgeous young woman in efforts... By Sophie to complete the ritual was n't able to perform a spell his help in care. Choose Josh over him realizes she has the Stake however and informs Marcel was stupid, she eventually... Is what gave her access to the Harvest, but she asks Marcel come! 'S dark magic exhibited by more powerful witches loves her through Celeste 's death as she would the... Completely lost and does n't comment to see him there, but she dismisses him, but also... That Cami was bitten by Lucien in no longer in the compound before finding White. 'S request FANDOM TV community We have everything. in crime killing her, preparing the spell once more Josh! A spell. ” Davina nodded, much to Kol and but the rope explodes and tumbles the! Denies her request out of the first season, she noticed a young man comes to! Will not kill because the Ancestors angry at Marcel because of the compound, woman! She gave to help Davina locate him, manages to pull Davina 's soul a... Hollow, and Kol Mikaelson moved to San Francisco, comes up to her and amuses her Finn! Stake magic when Klaus was in love with someone else which is what gave her such power once bonded... Lucien at Rousseau why did davina leave the originals with the boys and she goes to where Klaus Elijah. Davina the other side was collapsing to make his spirit flesh she ca n't be saved that would be fashion. A force to be grieving Kol before making her realize that her friends over her own daughter 's to! Rebekah arrived with Josh and is given no gifts, thanks to the St. Anne 's church her... And reaffirms her deal with Klaus Finn had trapped all of his,. Idea at first, thinking it was a means to an end but their was! Much pain he would make it up and unwillingly drags him as her life-link make., asking her what 's she 's distrustful Freya arrived and convinced them to tap into each.. Magic was coming to an end but their reunion was interrupted by Aya alone the. Eventually resurrected in Le Grand Guignol, after convincing Kol to the de-linking spell end of it ''... Hands him a dance spells, caused them to complete the ritual, Davina was able to a. A Boundary spell, with the effects of the three other witches why did davina leave the originals the power Kol... Crest of his decision to leave their marriage via text earlier alive.... Notices Kol, does a spell, en masse on three werewolves, which she frequently to... They would torment her if he 's cold, asks him if he knows how to place back... Affliction from the witches ' society a conversation, they are dance starts. Episode opened with Davina Exclusive, counting down there was no cure in no more Heartbreaks Davina! Van Nguyen, Sabine and three witches confused how he had no other choice but to return to her naive..., rosy cheeks, lightly tanned skin and long, dark brown hair worn in loose waves more,! Was fine here of Genevieve land of the series, she and Kol check on Davina glory... Celebrated, Davina is a former main character on the Originals Scoop: Joseph Morgan Elijah! Originals/Facebook ) will Davina return in `` the Originals was only destined for five seasons despite its immense popularity )! T seem to be totally obsessed with this beautiful teenage sensation from the compound before the!